Thursday, April 25, 2013


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What did you do today?

If I asked you that in person, you’d probably tell me about work, about errands you had to run, or things you stressed out about today. If you had something nice happen to you, I’m sure you would tell me about that too, but more often than not, we tend to have negative stories about our everday lives.

What if I asked you to throw out all of the bad stuff and just tell me the good stuff?

Would you struggle with that concept? Would it take you a moment to think about something nice that you did today?

It shouldn’t.

If the “good” portion of your day is small and often gets forgotten about, then you probably need to try to make a few changes in your life.

I am guilty of this as well, and have come up with many ways to try to change it.

I worry a lot, and have a great deal of stress in my life. I struggle with my health daily, and that tends to sap all of my energy and leave me feeling quite negative.

But, I have a huge number of things to be thankful for, and have many ways I can focus on more positive things.

If you are not doing a number of enjoyable, heartwarming things each day, then when will you do those things?

We will never have months of luxurious free time stretching out before us. We will never have millions of dollars to pay for our expenses for the rest of our lives and to take away all of our financial burdens.

We have today.

That is all that we have.

If you were going to die tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year, what would you do differently today? The thing is, we never know when we might die, or when certain things may change our lives completely. We never know when a loved one might not be in our life anymore.

So, the only thing we can do is to live our lives fully.

Take each day and use a portion of it, every single day, to do things that truly matter to you. Use it to tell your loved ones how much you love them. Use it to spend time with family. Use it to have fun with friends. Use it to pursue a passion of yours.

Don’t only use your time for things that stress you out.

We all have to work, and our jobs and lives in general can’t always be perfect or stress-free, but we can carve out a tiny chunk of time each day and use it for something meaningful.

Don’t let a single day pass by without using some portion of it to act as though there will be no tomorrow.

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