Saturday, April 6, 2013

Birthday presents

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My birthday is coming up very soon. On Tuesday, April 9th, I will be 27 years old. I am trying to come up with interesting ways to celebrate and make this a special day (or week, since I like to celebrate a few times).

One thing that would make my birthday even nicer is if I were to sell some jewellery! I would love to make some sales this week for my birthday.

In honour of my birthday, I have decided to give a free surprise gift (a piece of jewellery of some kind) with every purchase made for the rest of this month!

Also, I will donate 10% of each sale (not including shipping) to the Fredericton Chapter of Cat Rescue Maritimes (Ca-R-Ma). I will do this for April, and will most likely continue to do so for several months afterwards.  

I have always tried to give back to different causes with my profits (and my own money and my time), but I wanted to make it a bit more official. They are struggling for funds this month, and I would love to help out in some small way in addition to my volunteer work for them.

So, if you buy something from Hodder Designs this month, you will get a little something extra for yourself, you will help cats in need, and you will make a birthday girl very happy. Plus, you will get whichever beautiful piece of handmade jewellery your heart desires! 

If you would like even more of your money to go to Ca-R-Ma, 50% of the sale of either of these 3 items will go to Ca-R-Ma. 


  1. Just read your post on Tiny Buddha, loved it, and look, it's your birthday! Happy birthday, hope you enjoy every minute of it and make many sales :)

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the article, and thank you for taking the time to have a look at my blog! :)