Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ideas for spreading kindness

I will be posting ideas for small acts of kindness on this blog from time to time. Some will be for “random acts of kindness” (i.e. for strangers), and some will be for friends and family

Since this is the first suggestion, I will make it a rather easy one to accomplish.

Today, I suggest that you send a message to someone telling them a reason why you think they are great. Thank them for something they have done for you recently, or just thank them for being a wonderful friend, mother, sister, or just for being a great human being. Tell them something truthful that will make them smile, even if it’s a simple “Have I told you lately what an amazing friend you are?”

Put a smile on the face of someone who deserves it today! It can be in a facebook message, an email, a text, a letter, a phone call, or in person.

I would love to hear your own suggestions for acts of kindness!

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Hedgehogs and cats

This cat had only one kitten, and then adopted some orphaned baby hedgehogs!

As the owner of a hedgehog, and a fosterer for many wonderful cats, these pictures combine two of my favourite things! I can't imagine my hedgehog cuddling with a cat like this!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mother's Day Shopping- Part 3

Another amazing gift idea for Mother’s Day would be a photo shoot! Either of you and your mother, of your family, of just of you.

My mother’s favourite gifts involve photos of me, which is slightly embarrassing, but it makes her happy, so it’s fine.

I did a few photo shoots with Jill Photography and gave prints from the shoots to my mother for Mother’s Day last year and then for Christmas. She has framed several, and I’m fairly certain that she shows the photo albums to everyone who comes into her home.

Jill Photography has very reasonable rates, and I can say from experience that she always makes people look their absolute best!

A photo from one of my shoots with Jill Photography

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mother's Day Shopping- Part 2

I think that buying local is important, and that Mother’s Day is a day when handmade gifts are especially appropriate.

Below, I have put together some ideas of things to buy or to make for your mother for Mother's Day this year.

Cheryl’s Painted Delights has amazing paintings. My mother is madly in love with the one I bought her for Christmas (shown below). It hangs in her living room, and she frequently talks about how gorgeous it is. Cheryl just painted my jewellery racks, and I can't wait to post some pictures of them!

Eco Fab Mama has a great selection of eco-friendly soaps and so many other products that would make a great addition to any gift.

Handmade items don’t have to necessarily come from someone else, of course. If you are crafty, it can be nice to give your mother a little something that you have made for her.

Baking is something I enjoy, and if your mother has a sweet tooth, there are many options out there for her! If she feels bad indulging in sweets, I would recommend that you try just about anything from the Chocolate Covered Katie website. Her recipes are vegetarian or vegan and are incredibly healthy. Most are also sugar-free, and they tend to be fairly simple to make!

How about giving your mother multiple gifts, labeled for every hour of the day that she will be awake? She will have to open each one sometime around the time on the package, so that she gets presents all day long!

These are just a few ideas for Mother’s Day this year. Whatever you do, be sure to thank your mother for giving you life!

If you would like a custom order for your mom (or for anyone else), I would love to talk to you about it! And don't forget about my Mother's Day Sale happening on facebook!

And remember, there are lots of other mothers in your life too! Mother’s Day gifts don’t have to be limited to just your own mother!

Surprised Animals

Today, I will share with you some adorable animals who look as though they were caught by surprise in these photos. Enjoy.

These photos and more can be found here:

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Shopping for Mother’s Day

Mothers day is coming up in less than a month, so now is the time to start planning.

Have you already decided what to get your mother to show her how much she is valued? Are you someone who struggles with finding the perfect gift?

I am someone who absolutely loves shopping for my mother. My mother couldn’t possibly be any easier to shop for (feel free to be jealous). Another bonus is that my mother is somewhat obsessed with the jewellery I make. So, she demands some of my jewellery for every single occasion.

If your mother is a fan of jewellery (and I think most of them are), I have some items put together that tend to be my most popular items for women of all ages (minus the children.. I think it’s safe to take out the young children out of the “mother” category). Browse through the album on facebook:
Mother's Day Sale

or check out my Etsy store to see the items I have posted there so far:
Remember, if there is anything on my facebook page that you would like to purchase, message me and I can put it on Etsy so that you can buy it online. If you live in the Fredericton area, we can arrange pick up or delivery.

The gift advice doesn’t stop there! 

Check out my next post for a few other places you might want to look for Mother’s Day presents.