Saturday, February 15, 2014

Etsy Shop!

In January I began working very hard on my Etsy shop. It has been open for a long time, but has been very inactive. I just used it to sell things to people who wanted an item they saw on Facebok, but didn't live in my city. But now, I am making an effort.

I have been working very hard on listing items on Etsy. I have hundreds and hundreds on Facebook, but only had about 20 or fewer on Etsy until January. I now have more than 100 items on Etsy, and there are so many more left for me to list!

A little preview:

Check out my shop here:

Please keep an eye on my shop while I continue to develop it! There will be many more updates there in the coming weeks, and some amazing new photos will be added soon (more info to come in a future blog post).

Also, if you see anything on Facebook that you would like to buy online from me, but I haven't listed it on Etsy yet, just let me know! I have too many pieces of jewellery to post them all on Etsy, but am working on putting some of my best ones on there this year.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


A Quick Kindness Tip

Send someone an e-card! Either send a free one, or buy a yearly subscription (my subscription to only cost me $12, and I can send e-cards all the time!)