Thursday, March 19, 2015

Toronto Comicon!

Tomorrow is the big day! I will be selling at Toronto Comicon for the first time! I can't wait to check out this con! I hope to be able to spend some time roaming Artist Alley and to see some of the great guests.

I have made TONS of new jewellery for this con, and am even trying out some new items, key holders! I only have a few of these in stock for this convention, but if they sell well, I will have lots more in the future.

A couple of my newest items are here:

But there are far too many to show in this post!

The event runs from March 20-22. The times that the event is open to the public are:
Friday 4-9
Saturday 10-7
Sunday 10-5

It will be held at the Toronto Convention Centre Hall E and F

If you see me at my booth, at A38 in Artist Alley, come up to me and say "Don't Blink!" and you will receive a free gift!

Here are some of the amazing guests who will be attending the event:

Friday, March 13, 2015

Frost Con- Part 2

Here is another artist I discovered at Frost Con whose work I loved:

Of course, her Doctor Who artwork caught my eye first.

Clara and Capaldi

*sigh* David Tennant


Then there was the Supernatural artwork...



Matt Smith

The beautiful Daenerys Targaren

Some Karen Gillan/Guardians of the Galaxy

Some wonderful Star Trek artwork featuring the amazing Patrick Stewart

Then there was some Mario artwork:

And some Sailor Moon

Some general prettiness

And some Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy awesomeness