Saturday, January 31, 2015

Heading to Frost Con!

Today I’m heading to Frost Con!

Normally, pre-con, you can find me in a jewellery-making frenzy, trying to get everything ready in time for the big event.

However, this time, I am not going as a vendor! It will be my first convention ever as a guest instead of a vendor! This is only because I didn’t know that the con existed until very recently, so I wasn’t able to apply.

It’s strange waking up on the morning of a con and leisurely getting ready to go. Not packing up all of my inventory and lugging it to the event before the doors open is kind of liberating!

I love vending, and am a little sad that I’m not selling Hodder Designs jewellery today, but since that can’t be changed, I’m just going to embrace the idea of attending a convention as a guest!

I'm going with one of my more laid back cosplays, since those are the only ones I packed to bring to Toronto. So I'll be a femme 11th Doctor today. 

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