Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ideas for spreading kindness

I will be posting ideas for small acts of kindness on this blog from time to time. Some will be for “random acts of kindness” (i.e. for strangers), and some will be for friends and family

Since this is the first suggestion, I will make it a rather easy one to accomplish.

Today, I suggest that you send a message to someone telling them a reason why you think they are great. Thank them for something they have done for you recently, or just thank them for being a wonderful friend, mother, sister, or just for being a great human being. Tell them something truthful that will make them smile, even if it’s a simple “Have I told you lately what an amazing friend you are?”

Put a smile on the face of someone who deserves it today! It can be in a facebook message, an email, a text, a letter, a phone call, or in person.

I would love to hear your own suggestions for acts of kindness!

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