Thursday, March 28, 2013


I am very guilty of talking about my problems. I complain. A lot.

A few people in my life get to hear me whine and complain far too frequently. Every now and then, I catch myself doing it and try to stop. It's an incredibly hard habit to break, but it's definitely worth trying to change!

How much happier would you be if you spent your day talking about all of the great things in your life instead of the bad ones?

Does whining about your problems actually fix anything?

Sure, there are problems you need help solving, and getting the opinion of someone you care about can provide insight, but sometimes, you're just saying negative things to vent.

My goal is to try to cut back on the amount of time I spend complaining, and only talk about negative things if it's actually constructive in some way. If talking about this problem could have no benefit other than getting it off my chest, I should either not talk about it at all, or mention it briefly and then try to let it go and focus on something more positive.

I'm not saying that we should bottle up our emotions. However, endless talk about everything that's wrong in our lives will not make our problems go away, it will just keep us fixated on the bad things instead of all of the things we should be grateful for.

So, the next time you've been ranting about a problem for a while, take a moment to consider switching your focus to something more positive.

I will try to do the same!

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