Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Healthy Cookies!

I just had to share this delicious recipe I just tried out! I just ate another one of them and can't believe that they're so healthy!

The recipe's author's version is here:

The recipe is here:

My version:

So, mine isn't quite as pretty as the original, but I think it's even more delicious! I made mine chewier than the ones in the recipe by baking them a bit less and adding a tiny bit of almond milk even though the dough didn't seem to need extra liquid. 

I used half of the sugar they suggested for the icing, and added some vegan cream cheese, and it was delicious!

The cookies themselves have no dairy, no flour, and no sugar (just a bit of maple syrup). Amazing!

The website that had the recipe, Chocolate-Covered Katie, is amazing!

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