Friday, February 1, 2013

Back in Business

It seems that I can't get into the habit of blogging. I have, however, been writing. Since my last blog post, I have been to many craft sales, made tons of new jewellery, started a new job, took up a few new languages and hobbies, and wrote 2 novels. First drafts of novels, actually. They still need a lot of work.

So, I have rediscovered my passion for writing, which I am very pleased about! I've also been greatly enjoying making some new kinds of jewellery!

Something I have been making lately involves turning comic books into jewellery. I've been making pendants and rings with pieces cut out of comic books! A couple of the comic book items I've made recently are shown below:

There are many more pendants in progress right now, from a variety of different comic books. 

I've also been working a lot with beach glass! A couple examples of my new beach glass jewellery are here:

I recently got a shipment of beach glass that I am very excited to start working with! Lots more beach glass jewellery is on its way!

I look forward to making a lot more jewellery this year, and to continuing my newly rekindled passion for writing! I can't wait to see what 2013 holds for me!

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