Monday, June 17, 2013


Today, I give you...[drumroll]... hedgehogs!

Actually, I should be posting pictures of my own hedgehog, but it's quite difficult to do a photoshoot with a nocturnal animal that really, really hates the light! So, I am going to attempt to lure him out of bed early tonight, before the sun goes down, with lots of delicious food, and attempt to get some pictures of him. Until then, here are some other people's hedgehogs!

This hedgie clearly enjoys baths more than mine does.

These next two hedgehogs make me think that I should be shopping for some clothing for my hedgehog...

And this one is just too adorable for words.

Hope you have a good Monday!


  1. like when people are trying to challenge me, and I appreciate that you maintain a fairly active dialogue with your readers. Couldn't agree any more. Your advice is great.

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  3. you have a hedgehog that hates light? cool