Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An Early November Update

November 9th, 2010

I recently completed my third shopping trip for jewellery-making supplies in Lima, Peru. It was very enjoyable. I got more of the materials I had bought before, but wanted more of, including jump rings, since I had already used most of what I bought before! I also bought a variety of wire in different colours, and I can’t wait to use them!

I went shopping with Gaby, who was nervous about going alone, since she had never gone there by herself before. We found our way there and back fine, so that was great! It involved taking two buses and a lot of walking.

After going shopping on Saturday I have taken inventory of my purchases and started making some more jewellery! I have limited tools here (two pairs of flat nosed pliers), so I’m limited in what I can make. I also don’t have things like beading wire, string, clasps, crimp beads, crimpers, wire cutters, etc. So, that’s made me get creative with the materials and tools I do have. It’s been an interesting process! I’ve done a lot of chainmaille-type jewellery with jump rings, and have partially assembled a lot of earrings and pendants that will later get earring hooks and chains.

I’m able to buy so many materials here because when I came to Peru I came with one suitcase for me, and one suitcase full of donations for children in Ecuador and Peru. So, then I had an empty suitcase just begging to be filled with beads and other supplies! I’m not sure if and when I will be able to get back to Peru, so the supplies I get on this trip have to last me a while! So, if anyone has requests of certain colours or types of beads they would like jewellery made from, feel free to contact me about it! I try to get a variety of colours and shapes, especially of the vegetable ivory (tagua) that I buy, since that seems to be a popular seller, but supplies are next to impossible to buy outside of Latin America.

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